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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Countdown to January 2nd!

December 22, 2009
So- preparations are underway for the January 2nd start date. Why the 2nd and not the 1st you ask? Because the 1st is the Rose Bowl Game and I did not want to sabotage myself right out of the gate. That is a big football party day in my life- and I knew I would not be able to eat cleanly that day no matter what I might want to write here. So, I will root for the Ohio State Buckeyes and eat as smartly as I can that day... and begin my onslaught om my personal health the next day.
I plan to begin with a detox of sorts- don't panic, it is not the grapefruit diet or anything crazy. I am going to follow a 21 day plan that is laid out for me in the special collector's issue of Oxygen Magazine that was put out this month. Titled: Off the Couch- Motivation for Real Women. So, on page 33 there is a three week meal plan. Check it out:  I am even going to eat fish. Yes, me- the kid who covered up her fish with spaghettios in an attempt to hide it from view. I really hate fish... ok, hate is a strong word. I am desperate and it is good for me so I will eat it. I will drink inhuman amounts of water and I will not have sugar. Arg! I don't have a personal chef, so I will have to get these healthy foods at my neighborhood Trader Joe's. How convenient! It is a good thing that my wife is a good cook- she is even willing to make the stuff up for me in advance since I work retail hours on a schedule that is not conducive to eating normal meals at all.
I also think Santa is bringing me a gym membership to Planet Fitness! So, that will give me controlled times on the treadmill for the 3 weeks I am detoxing... (read- withdrawing)
That is that... i will post as I am laying out the groundwork for this to happen.
I am now going to take a nap since I am home sick... guess it is better to get this out of the way now. sigh.

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