Mark Twain on Challenge

"Twenty years from now you will be more dissapointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 4 and I haven't given up yet! :)

Wow, this might actually be working. Although, I may be the only person in recorded history to *gain* a pound during the first couple of days of actually eating healthy. I hope this is not a bad sign of things to come. :) sigh. Leave it to me to do things backwards. I am following the Biggest Loser program on my Wii, exercising every other day for at least  25 minutes sustained. I have done lower and upper body exercises so far. I am in for a core workout today. I am also going to add in the yoga from Wii Fit for the balance and stretching. (I suck at balance things... anyone who knows me knows this. So, i hope that I can manage not to hurt myself doing yoga. How funny would that be??? ) I am still on a mission to find my belly button and I realize that means CARDIO. (Have I mentioned how much I hate cardio yet?) I am going to invent a full body compression suit that chicks that are big like me can run in without hurting ourselves from the parts of our bodies that are moving as we are. (and by moving I mean giggling and somehow it is in the opposite rhythm of our motion- and anyone who has experienced this knows what I am talking about. I can not wait to be able to move quickly without my gut trying to detatch from me as I am doing it. Ab crunches, anyone??) :) Sigh. They don't have solutions for these things in all of the fitness mags. Mainly because everyone in them is already fit. I think I may be on to something here with the suit... I wonder if those new Speedo suits that were almost banned from the Olympics would work. lol.
So, I watched The Biggest Loser on tv last night. Wow. Some dude lost 35 pounds in a week. Holy crud, Batman. People in this season are 300lbs and bigger. I am glad that I got this into control before I got to that point. I wonder how much activity they really do in a day to get to the point of dropping 12-30lbs in a week. I would have to live on the treadmill I think. I am glad for the show though- it actually shows people on tv that are not the picture of fitness and shows the actual struggle that they go through both physically and emotionally. I especially like the fact that there is a focus on the struggle some of the contestants go through regarding food. I can completely relate as they are trying to make healthy choices and are tempted with sweets and junk food.
Ok- so today I went on a 50 minute hike with my friend Marge and Miss Molly and the Bella Monster. I am about to change into some shorts and head to the basement to do my Biggest Loser core workout. Then I am going to make something for lunch. Julia made a Cuban style pork and sweet potato stew last night so I will probably have that and a salad. I am so lucky to have someone who is willing to make all of these crazy "clean" recipies for me else I would be sustaining on protein bars and carrot sticks. :)
Things are going well so far! I am fighting the tempation to finish off the Christmas cookies still in the house- but I am holding on to my will power and resisting it. :) More later!


  1. Buddy...perhaps the extra pound is the gallon or so of water you are drinking each day?? :-) PEE! Dana found a good APP for her phone that is a "diet tracker" program you might want to check out. It's free at the Blackberry App store and its called Calorie Counter by Fat Secret. Just another way to track what you're eating throughout the day. Shows calories, fat grams and the like. Sounds like you are doing good though...and who knows...if you create one of those suits you can sell it and go on tour to show everyone how it works. Keep fighting the fight Buddy!

  2. GO SHEA!! That Ellen video was too funny. Jen and I were watching Biggest Loser last night too, and I had some of the same thoughts. I think you are onto something with the compression suit. Until you have a prototype ready, I'm going to stick with the stationary bike (instead of running)...that's enough jiggle for me :)