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Friday, January 1, 2010

Here we go...

So, I joined up at Weight Watcher's online. I have to track everything I eat and my lovely wife is going to figure out how many points I am wasting. ( I mean eating. :) ) i am not used to doing such things but we will give it a go. I am going to rely on Julia to pack up my lunch and snacks for a bit. (ok, she usually does. What am I thinking? ) I am really just using this weight watcher thing as a way to control portion sizes and look for healthy alternatives to things I like to eat.
Tomorrow, I will start at 5:15 am-ish with some oatmeal and a serving of OJ. I am going to take my multivitamin, vitamin D, flax oil, and pack up a big water bottle. I am going to bring a glass of water to bed so I can sip all night and finish it off before I hop into the shower. I have to work at 6am and I am there until 4pm so I will not get any cardio in until I get home. I plan to walk for 30 minutes (unless I am snowblowing) at some point before we leave for Framingham around 7pm. We are going to go see a band out there.
I am going to join the gym this week and I will be following the workout plan from the Biggest Loser. I was lucky enough to pick up the Biggest Loser game for Wii tonight. :) I will be loading that into the old Wii tomorrow. I am going to alternate between that and Wii Fit and Wii Active. I have lots to help me keep track of how often I am exercising and how much I am losing.
More than anything, I hope to just become more fit. I am tired of being tired. I would like to be "athletic" again. I don't care what the scale says- I just want to feel good. I want my orange Mountain Hardwear jacket to fit. :) I am a Libra- I am vain... kinda. :)
So- I have tomato soup, with multigrain crackers, pineapple fruit cup, and a cheese stick for lunch tomorrow. Actually, I am going to use the cheese stick and half the crackers as a snack. I am going to drink nothing but water while I am working. Wish me luck!
I am now off to bed since I have to be up before 5am.

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