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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ouch! Pinched my Sciatic Nerve... no workouts the last two days

Well, my first setback. I have been forgo-ing working out for the last couple of days such that I can make it through work instead. I have been popping the advil and using the heating pad- hopefully that and some stretching will clear this up. It is painful I have to say... ouch. I have been following my eating plan to the letter though! We went out for breakfast this morning and I got an egg white omlete with black beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheddar. I ate one slice of sunflower toast. I split my omlette with Julia and she shared with me her chocolate chip cocconut pancake. While it was more points than I would normally eat for breakfast- it is Sunday, and I am going to eat clean the rest of the day. That being said, I am still going to be on track for more loss next week. I am working the overnight shift at work Monday and Tueday- and I plan to go to the gym after I get out of work. Then I am off Wednesday and Thursday- and I hope to be able to get in some weight training at the gym both those days. I will use my Biggest Loser workouts in between. I missed one day of that this week, so I will have some making up to do. Trust me though, work has been a workout lately. Nothing like 19 pallets of boxes filled with juice and canned goods and pet food and what feels like concrete blocks to get the muscles moving. Yikes. Lots of good articles in the latest issue (Jan/Feb) of Health Magazine. It is the special "Get Back-In-Shape" issue. Check it out on I really liked the article called, Real Secrets to Forever Weight Loss. It summarizes the way to stay on track is to find a way to help others. So, who is in this with me??? Let's stay on track together. Thanks for helping me stay on track by reading this blog!

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  1. Buddy...sorry about the pinched nerve. But here's a heat within the first 48hrs of injury. The nerve is pinched because the area around the nerve is swollen. The advil is good, but try using an ice pack instead of a heating pad. And you know I'm behind you in this quest. I shoveled snow, bowled 6 games in less than 2 hours, and ran 4 miles this past week. Thankful for my "Day Off" tomorrow. My muscles need a break. Keep going at it! :-)